CNTA's Young Professionals Committee aims to tap into the experience of CNTA's accomplished members by hosting a series of professional development sessions.

This year’s topics may include:

  1. Navigating Differing Opinions
  2. Giving & Receiving Constructive Feedback
  3. How & When to Ask for Help
  4. Developing Yourself
  5. Project vs Facility Support
  6. Get & Give Advice on Accepting a New Role
  7. Skill Inventory Matrix 
  8. Networking for Nerds

When the COVID-19 Emergency cancelled in-person events, the committee hosted Virtual Tap Into Nuclear Events!

Visit our Virtual Tap Into Nuclear Page to view previous events!

The Young Professionals Professional Development Committee also oversees CNTA’s mentoring program.

If interested in obtaining a mentor, or learning more about the opportunities to be a mentor, please contact the committee or CNTA at