As CNTA continues to be active in the CSRA, our efforts and outreach have been documented by the press. Those articles are availalbe here.



Aiken High student wins scholarship from CNTA. April 27, 2022. The Aiken Standard.

Column: Despite pandemic, SRS achieves cleanup success. February 18, 2022. The Aiken Standard.

CNTA Welcomes New Board Members. January 11, 2022. The Aiken Standard.


CNTA young professionals event highlighted servant leadership. December 23, 2021. The Aiken Standard.

Giving Back 2021. November 28, 2021. The Aiken Standard.

Plutonium could go to New Mexico next year. It will come from the Savannah River Site. November 20, 2021. The Aiken Standard.

Former NNSA exec applauds SC nuclear work, CNTA education efforts, October 28, 2021, The Aiken Standard

Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness announces 2022 Educator Grants Program, October 24, 2021, The Aiken Standard 

Savannah River National Lab wants to be ‘a cornerstone for our national security’, August 25, 2021, The Aiken Standard 

Six Area Students Win 2021 CNTA Essay Contest, May 4, 2021, The Aiken Standard 

Coalition seeks extra $7.25B for DOE nuclear cleanup, jobs jolt, April 27, 2021, The Aiken Standard 

New reactor fuel mission floated for Savannah River Site, DOE documents show, March 5, 2021, The Aiken Standard

How SRS helped lay the foundation for space voyages like Perseverance, February 26, 2021, The Aiken Standard

US defense advantages shrinking, warns retired Navy vice admiral, February 24, 2021, The Aiken Standard

DOE: Management transition at Savannah River National Lab can begin, February 18, 2021, The Aiken Standard

Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness leverages Aiken’s nuclear roots for education, January 23, 2021, The Aiken Standard (copies available in the CNTA office)

Billions could be saved at Savannah River Site by reclassifying radioactive wastes, DOE says, January 8, 2021, The Aiken Standard


Good Deeds: Corporate philanthropy and nonprofit news in the Augusta area, October 31, 2020, The Augusta Chronicle

A future ‘very bright’: Savannah River Site’s defense portfolio expected to expand, October 25, 2020, The Aiken Standard

Nuclear nonprofit CNTA notches successful year despite pandemic challenges, October 22, 2020, The Aiken Standard

Jumbo Saltstone Disposal Unit 7 Nearing Completion– October 7, 2020, The Aiken Standard

Radioactive wastewater successfully taken from SRS, sent to Texas for disposal, September 25, 2020, The Aiken Standard

New management contract at Savannah River National Lab expected in fiscal year 2021, June 26, 2020, The Aiken Standard

Area high schoolers win nuclear technology essay contest– May 11, 2020, The Aiken Standard

Program Helps Students, Teachers, May 1, 2020, The Augusta Chronicle

Local educator grants awarded for STEM projects– April 26, 2020, The Aiken Standard

Savannah River Site Manager Supportive of Standalone Contract for National Lab– February 21, 2020, The Aiken Standard

Study suggests stainless steel might not be best solution for processed nuclear waste, February 3, 2020, The Aiken Standard

Students look to the future in USC Aiken competition, January 25, 2020, The Aiken Standard

Energy Department, contractor Parsons collaborating to address SWPF troubles, January 10, 2020, The Aiken Standard

Older Press Coverage


Cacuci Named Winner of Distinguished Scientist Award at CNTA Lecture- October 17, 2019, The Aiken Standard

Aiken Celebrating 10th Annual Nuclear Science Week- October 14, 2019, The Aiken Standard

Retired Vice Admiral: Pit Production ‘Imperative’- October 14, 2019, The Aiken Standard

Nuclear Science Week Insert- October 13, 2019, The Aiken Standard

Grants Awarded to Three CSRA Teachers- May 25, 2019, The Aiken Standard

Aiken County resolution supports efforts to create plutonium pit facility at SRS – March 20, 2019, The Augusta Chronicle

SRS long-term focus is defense, NNSA official says– February 20, 2019, The Augusta Chronicle


UPDATE | SRNS job opportunity closes Wednesday night – December 12, 2018, WRDW/WAGT

CNTA hosts Annual Edward Teller Lecture at USCA – October 22, 2018, The Aiken Standard

Young Professionals Take Off at CNTA – October 18, 2018, The Aiken Standard

We’re all radioactive: A millennial’s perspective on nuclear – October 18, 2018, The Aiken Standard

CNTA’s mission, vision, value – October 18, 2018, The Aiken Standard

Initiatives encourage young professionals to get involved – October 18, 2018, The Aiken Standard

CNTA’s Annual Edward Teller Lecture is Oct. 18 – October  18, 2018, The Aiken Standard

Man of the Year for Aiken County; Man of Decades for CNTA – October 18, 2018, The Aiken Standard

CNTA expands reach with social media – October 18, 2018, The Aiken Standard

Hundreds more jobs expected at Plant Vogtle, spokesperson says – September 21, 2018, The Aiken Standard

DOE preparing SRS security solicitation – August 25, 2018, The Aiken Standard

SRS manager: Site takeover by NNSA would eventually ‘be logical’ – August 23, 2018, The Aiken Standard

Savannah River Remediation president, interns present at CNTA’s Up & Atom breakfast – July 25, 2018, The Aiken Standard

USC Aiken Hosts CNTA’s Nuclear Institute for STEM Educators – July 8, 2018, The Aiken Standard

CNTA’s annual meeting points to continued growth – April 8, 2018, The Aiken Standard

American Nuclear Society president talks nuclear energy at Aiken lecture – January 11, 2018 – The Aiken Standard


Education shines during Nuclear Science Week – October 21, 2017, The Aiken Standard

CNTA establishes Speakers Bureau to further nuclear knowledge – September 26, 2017, The Aiken Standard

CNTA co-hosts legislative update – July 13, 2017, The Aiken Standard

15th annual CNTA golf tournament raises money for organization – July 6, 2017, The Aiken Standard

MOX funding still mixed in Washington –  June 28, 2017, The Aiken Standard

Plutonium pits at core of new Savannah River Site debate – June 14, 2017, The Aiken Standard

CNTA, SRS take over the classroom for Lifelong Learning Series at USCA – April 23, 2017, The Aiken Standard

CNTA gives annual State of Nuclear Industry in S.C. to state legislators – January 30, 2017, The Aiken Standard

SRNL president MacVean says focus is on safety in 2017 – January 12, 2017, The Aiken Standard


CNTA celebrates 25 years with donation to Aiken Tech – December 6, 2016, The Aiken Standard

Christine Langton honored with distinguished award – October 24, 2016, The Aiken Standard

Summer interns at SRR outline projects, progress at breakfast – August 6, 2016, The Aiken Standard

Nuclear engineering student awarded Maher scholarship – July 14, 2016, The Aiken Standard 

Area students win CNTA essay contest – June 16, 2016, The Aiken Standard

Workshop opens its registration – May 14, 2016, The Aiken Standard

Nuclear group to hear update – January 5, 2016, The Aiken Standard


SRR brings nuclear to class – December 31, 2015, The Aiken Standard

CNTA offers scholarship opportunities for students – December 24, 2015, The Aiken Standard

Nuclear group awarded $7,000 Challenge Grant – December 19, 2015, The Aiken Standard

Rotary Club of Aiken awards donations to five nonprofits – December 8, 2015

CNTA honors Savannah River National Lab employee – November 14, 2015, The Aiken Standard

SRS advocates talk future concerns SRS leaders, advocates talk future work – October 18, 2015, The Aiken Standard

Cecil Haney talks nuclear outreach at annual lecture – October 18, 2015, The Aiken Standard

SRS influenced creation of local interest groups – October 12, 2015, The Aiken Standard

CNTA names new executive director – October 2, 2015, The Aiken Standard

CNTA to host annual lecture – September 24, 2015, The Aiken Standard

CNTA names scholarship winner – August 4, 2015, The Aiken Standard

CNTA seeks new executive director – July 20, 2015, The Aiken Standard

MOX officials: ‘Recruitment is tough’ – June 15, 2015, The Aiken Standard

Nuclear group to hear MOX updates – June 5, 2015, The Aiken Standard

Nuclear group expands meetings to Canada – May 31, 2015, The Aiken Standard

Group to host SRS manager – April 25, 2015, The Aiken Standard

SRS manager to speak at nuclear group’s breakfast – April 10, 2015, The Aiken Standard

CNTA golf event accepting players – April 5, 2015, The Aiken Standard

Scholarship essay contest focuses on nuclear science and technology – February 10, 2015, The Aiken Standard

Articles and Stories prior to 2015 are available through the CNTA office.