Throughout the years, CNTA has been pursuing its mission to educate the public on nuclear technology. These pursuits have led CNTA to published newsletters and press releases and write letters to the editor for local and national newspapers. All of these resources can be found here on our website.

Letters to the Editor & Guest Columns

The members of CNTA promptly respond to inaccurate news articles as well as any current events in order to provide a voice for nuclear technology.

CNTA in the Press

As CNTA interacts with the local community, news outlets from around the area will document our activities and celebrate our wins. Those articles and videos can be found here.

Press Releases

Articles & Stories written by the Communications Committee for public distribution.

Newsletters and Annual Reports

The CNTA Aware! Newsletter exists to inform organization members about any CNTA events, updates, and announcements.

For press questions, please contact Executive Director Jim Marra at