The first Nuclear Science Week (NSW) celebrations, 2010-2012... To ensure participation with all members of the national steering committee and industry partners – including all areas of power generation, nuclear medicine, national defense and teaching communities – Nuclear Science Week was officially moved to the third week of October.

How CNTA Participates in Nuclear Science Week:

Annual Teller Lecture & Banquet

The Teller Lecture & Banquet is a time for members of the public to come learn more about the current advances in nuclear technology as well as see pioneering scientists awarded for their efforts in the industry.

Click here learn more about the Annual Teller Lecture & Banquet.

Annual Young Professional Fundraiser

This annual event, held early in October, raises funds for Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness to provide free membership for Young Professionals and our education outreach programs. It is a good time for networking for our members and the public.
Click here to learn more about the Annual Young Professional Fundraiser.

Nuclear Science Week Insert in the Aiken Standard

The Nuclear Science Week Insert is written by members of the Communications Committee of Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness and is distributed by the Aiken Standard for the week. 
The 2023 Insert is available!  View it online here, or stop by the office for a print copy!
Our previous Nuclear Science Week Inserts are available. 2022 Insert, 2021 Insert, 2020 Insert, 2019 Insert. Print copies of every insert back to 2013 are available in the CNTA office.
Contact the communications committee for information on submitting articles to the insert.

Nuclear Blitzes in Classrooms

CNTA partners with high schools across the CSRA in an effort to bring education on nuclear technology to classrooms. In 2018 alone, volunteers from CNTA reached over 1,200 students across 63 classrooms in seven high schools in the area. Many of these educational efforts include teaching on nuclear, sharing educational videos, and incorporating interactive techniques to engage students.

Click here to learn more about the Classroom Blitz and other classroom resources.

Atoms in the Alley

Our partner organization, SRS Heritage Foundation, hosts this event in order to celebrate nuclear science and raise funds for the Savannah River Site Museum. 

Learn more about the SRS Museum and the Atoms in the Alley event here.

For more information, check out the national website for Nuclear Science Week here:

or the regional website for Nuclear Science Week hosted by SRSCRO.