Overview and History

CNTA is a grassroots organization of individuals, families, and businesses dedicated to raising the level of awareness of nuclear technology initiatives. CNTA has sponsored these scholarships and awards for the last twelve years and has awarded

52 scholarships totaling over $75,000 to local students and schools.

The Distinguished Scientist Award honors outstanding achievements in physical, biological, ecological, environmental, mathematical or engineering sciences that have been accomplished in support of nuclear technologies such as nuclear medicine, food irradiation, nuclear power, U.S. weapons programs, environmental remediation, and radioecology. Past winners of this award are listed in the archives.

2019 is the inaugural year of a new award – the Nuclear Service Award. The goal of this award is to honor a person who has made significant contributions in the advancement of nuclear.  The award has a very broad reach with all-inclusive consideration outside of traditional scholarly, academic nuclear science and technology, to include non-technical fields.

Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness sponsors an Annual High School Essay Contest. High school juniors and seniors in Aiken, Allendale, Barnwell, Burke, Columbia, and Richmond County schools and homeschooled students are eligible to submit entries. The winning student(s) will receive a 

$1,000 scholarship with an additional award of $500 to each winner’s school. 

The goal of the CNTA Essay Contest is to increase high school student awareness of nuclear technologies and their impact on society. Successful essays require students to integrate science, technology, social understanding, and language arts. Researching a technical topic, relating the information to society, and effectively communicating the information in writing are great skills for any high school student to practice and demonstrate. 

This scholarship is a joint project of CNTA and SRR. Maher, WSRC Vice President and General Manager for Strategic Mission Development at SRS, passed away in 2002 after a 48-year career at the Site. A visionary with a broad view of the Site’s potential, Maher helped shape SRS. WSRC is a Heritage company to AECOM, parent company to SRR. The annual scholarship was established in Maher’s memory to support students pursuing science and engineering degrees in preparation for careers in the nuclear field.

This new award seeks to encourage students to pursue a career in nuclear technology.