In 2020, CNTA launched the “Virtual Up & Atom” Series to continue our mission of education and outreach in the time of COVID-19. The events are recorded and posted below.

August 25, 2021 Up & Atom- "SRNL Update & Future Projects" Dr. Vahid Majidi, President of BSRA & Director of SRNL

May 27, 2021 Up & Atom- "NNSA Capital Projects Update" Dave Olson, Executive Vice President, NNSA Capital Projects for SRNS

February 24, 2021 Up & Atom- "National Security in 2021" Admiral Charles Munns

December 2, 2020 Up & Atom- "The Nuclear We Need" Dr. Jonathan Cirtain, Chief Technology Officer for BWXT

October 22, 2020 Up & Atom- CNTA Updates with our Executive Director & Committee Chairs

October 7, 2020 Up & Atom Featuring Phil Breidenbach, President & Project Manager, SRR

August 26, 2020 Up & Atom Featuring David Amerine